IT’S A NEW WORLD: Students learn differently today. As teachers, we instinctively believe the learning curve is all about “how.” But with our young musicians in mind, it’s just as much about “why.” PlayTheGroove uses an accessible new repertoire and solid educational principles to create fun, exciting, relevant musical experiences that reach students where they learn now.

Our “why” is to address the following needs. And we want to engage with teachers who want this too.
  1. Students learn differently today. They embrace technology, want to lead, and learn from leading.
  2. Students have a wide range of musical interests,knowledge, and playing experience.
  3. Young musicians want to engage with current music by living artists.
  4. 21st Century learning objectives (standards) in education have changed.
  5. Teaching situations have been radically disrupted. We need new content and methods that work in remote, blended/hybrid, and in-class scenarios.
  6. New educational thought encourages us to use digital tools for creating music, including improvisation, arranging, composition, and more.
  7. Our teaching tools must be Easy, Functional and Fun.
These are the principal challenges our colleagues are experiencing. If you’re dealing with issues that aren’t listed here, let us know!


We’re flexible

Choose the PTG plan that works for you: Unit based system lets you engage with as little or as much as you want. You can adjust our Lesson Plan frameworks to fit your situation and your musician’s needs.

PTG can be incorporated into your traditional classroom ensemble curriculum, or it can be an after-school extra credit project.

We’re credible

We’ve demonstrated our method with national research studies, graduate level research, international workshops, and listened to real feedback from real students and teachers across the country.

We’re effective

Our step-by-step guidelines are designed to help young musicians figure things out, with you, the teacher, as their guide. This is where the new learning takes place— a learning experience that’s engaging, rewarding, and lasting. Of course not everybody in your high school ensemble wants to grow up to be a pro in the music business. PlayTheGroove is just as valuable for them! We teach leadership, good judgment, analytical thinking, and how to handle the applause when you succeed!

Minding the Challenges and Impact

At PlayTheGroove, we strive for the highest standards of educational efficiencies that address the needs of both teachers and aspiring musicians.

This is addressed head on as PlayTheGroove works in a myriad of teaching scenarios including remote, blended/hybrid, and in-class situations, as well as with groups of mixed skill levels and mixed and incomplete instrumentations. 

Creating music authentically simply needs to reflect the heart and passions of the creators.

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