Educational Approaches to Presenting PlayTheGroove’s Content

New Music. Easy Process. Dynamic. Fun.

Energize Your High-School Jazz/Pep/Horn Band

Every teaching situation is different. A teacher’s background of education and playing experience vary widely from intimately knowing full-on classical music to concert band, jazz, pop, or folk. And student’s experiences vary as well from what style were played in previous groups and styles they listen to with friends or influenced by home life and family cultures.
Additional, teaching styles range wildly from “sage on the stage” to “guide on the side” to encouraging student’s self-learning styles on their own and strictly playing by ear.

Learning Choice

PlayTheGroove addresses each of these situations through immensely flexible charts and pedagogy that can be determined, tried, and adjusted on the fly. The following chart presents these concepts on a continuum from ALL AURAL to ALL READING. There is NO right or wrong. Your learning objectives are your choice. We do, however, want to emphasize modern educational processes of ownership by exercising students’ voices and choices, and where the 4Cs (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and communication) can be utilized to help reinforce 21st century learning skills.




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