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Easy to Play Experiences for Remote, Blended, and In-Class Learning

PlayTheGroove is helping music educators like you reactivate their jazz ensembles. If you are in a position to be teaching in person, blended or remotely, you need great songs that work as a gateway to learning. With this complete, multi-part packet, you get everything you need to re-energize your jazz ensemble in a post-pandemic learning environment.

The Full Package Includes:

  • Sheet music for any and all instruments – 17 parts for full and mixed ensembles
  • Master Recording: Complete with count-off
  • Master Recording: Mix Minus Solos
  • Teacher Guides to help you do the planning
  • 12 Post-Covid Ways to Revitalize Your Jazz Ensemble
  • Quickstart Guide to Improvisation,
  • Complimentary coaching to address questions, and more!!

Great for auditions!

We’re on a journey to make sure the music doesn’t die. Try out our groundbreaking new system developed to meet the challenges teachers are facing today.


Everyone Plays the Melody

PlayTheGroove is a new playground for discovery, growth, and musical exploration and creativity for remote, hybrid, or in-class situations.

Students Enjoy Practice

Everyone can play all the time with parts at varying skill levels, be challenged on an individual basis, and try new instruments as we include the master recording and sheet music to learn from and play-along with.

Reduces Student Dropouts

Every instrument plays beginning to end: more captivating and engaging than counting 37 bars of rests.

Engage youth in performance ensembles with music and music education methods that are relevant and accessible to them.

Get Your Students Playing… Today!

Smooth Talkin’

Artist Name: Present Tense
Genre: Jazz
Style: Groove Jazz

Degree of Challenge (DofC):

Challenge Avg. : 2.5
Melody : 2.5
Harmony : 2.5
Rhythm : 2.5
Key : C min

Highest Melody Note : Ab5

“Smooth Talkin” is a fun and engaging challenge at any level from middle school to advanced and beyond. This two-section composition creatures a rhythm section that conveys a bounce and energy without too many notes or technical challenges. A clear and rhythmic melody gives way to a solo section with solid chord changes to play for learning and for just plain fun! Eric Marienthal’s solo will give students a clinic on how to improvise in the “pocket,” as well as how to cleverly develop motivic ideas. It’s a rock/funk/R&B spirited groove with unlimited possibilities for emerging soloists.

Imagine your ensemble playing a cool, new tune in just a few days, and all the excitement it will generate!

This download includes:

Sheet music for ALL instruments in all keys.

Perfect for mixed instrumentation of all kinds!

EZ Teacher Guides

NO experience in teaching jazz is necessary!

Plus… download now and get the original master recording with a click count-off.

And real (not midi) play-along tracks for improvisation.

BONUS!! Customizable Quick Start Guide to Improvisation.

Bonus: Teacher Lesson Idea Deck

For a limited time, we’ll toss in our “12 Post-Covid Ways to Revitalize Your Jazz Ensemble (and prep for next year)!”

CLICK HERE and we’ll help you engage your jazz ensembles to finish the year strong while laying the groundwork for next year.

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