Platinum Unison Packs

We’re doing something different for jazz band. PlayTheGroove (PTG) offers a new series of charts and teaching methods of current jazz and world jams. “Platinum Unison Packs” (PUPs) are crafted to work for any instrumentation from 3 to 25 or more players. PTG offers inclusivity; all students engage in a modular, flexible, unified learning experience. We embrace student-led practices for all instrumentations and emphasize modern learning objectives and competencies. Performing is one goal, along with addressing the individual and the creative process. And wait till you hear the content of current jazz and world jams––it’s not like anything you’ve heard for school groups we guarantee it!

You can use these packs for:

The benefits of Platinum Unison Packs include:

Platinum Unison Packs include:

Teacher Reference Elements & Guidelines:

Musical Parts: (each chart is the same):

Melody - Horns/Woodwinds Strings (unison based):



Guitar (all w/ TAB):



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