We’re a group of professional musicians and educators who remember the uphill struggle of trying to learn an instrument in a school ensemble. We played the same old songs and the same old scales and we’re pretty sure a few of our friends actually DIED of boredom.

Why did we succeed when our friends dropped out? We believe it’s because we had a FEEL for the music. Even before we could play it perfectly, we knew it would be magic when it all came together.

Looking back, we thought: How exciting would it be if every young player got the chance to feel what we felt? What if we could go back to school and make it easier for aspiring musicians to break through the boring and find the fun? What if we could put the magic of music within everyone’s reach?

That’s exactly what we did. That’s PlayTheGroove.

We’ve built our skills over a lifetime — all the elements you have to put together to be a real player — sight reading, training your ear, interpreting the mood, swapping solos, supporting your fellow players, bringing it all home together.

We took all those elements and synthesized them in a step by step method that any high-school-level ensemble can master. It’s a breakthrough we’re so proud of, because it opens a new door to the life changing joy of music.

Minding the Challenges and Impact

At PlayTheGroove, we strive for the highest standards of educational efficiencies that address the needs of both teachers and aspiring musicians.

This is addressed head on as PlayTheGroove works in a myriad of teaching scenarios including remote, blended/hybrid, and in-class situations, as well as with groups of mixed skill levels and mixed and incomplete instrumentations.

Creating music authentically simply needs to reflect the heart and passions of the creators.

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