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We guarantee:

Email Richard for a complimentary Zoom to create a custom playing plan for your unique sitution.

Each Full Package Includes:

  • Sheet music for any and all instruments – 17 parts for full and mixed ensembles
  • Master Recording: Complete with count-off
  • Master Recording: Mix Minus Solos
  • Teacher Guides to help you do the planning
  • 12 Post-Covid Ways to Revitalize Your Band Ensemble
  • Quickstart Guide to Improvisation,
  • Complimentary coaching to address questions, 
  • Guides to Explore Global Music Genres in a safe place, along with a variety of teaching modes, 
  • Adapting, Applying and Aligning processes to modern education thought (4-6 C’s, voice and choice, student-led, inquiry-based,  process-over-product), and more!

Key and Abbreviations:

DoC- Degree of Challenge

Single Song Music Packs: $39.

(all with complimentary coaching)

Key and Abbreviations:

DoC- Degree of Challenge

Choose Level of Challenge

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