PlayTheGroove believes that every student deserves to play the melody, and the rhythm, of a tune. This equates to teaching current jazz in new and exciting ways with a new and diverse repertoire. The truth is, most music programs haven’t been able to diversify their musical offerings for middle and high school students. We’re here to help. Perhaps these writings will spark some freshness in your classrooms. If you’d like personalized help, please contact us.

Musicians Make Better Xenophiles

Musicians Are Xenophiles, and That’s Good! Hey, has anybody called you a xenophile lately? And did you know it was a compliment? Granted, we don’t ...

Beyond the Status Quo… Why It’s So Rewarding to Let Yourself Change

Most of us love the status quo, because it means we don’t have to think, i.e., strain our brains with problem-solving. We like to shop ...

Flipping the Switch: How does change happen?

Have you ever created a classroom moment that flipped the switch for one of your students? Where they understand something new all of a sudden? ...

Music Education is Changing and 7 Ways you can get Ahead of it

Hi, it’s Richard with PlayTheGroove! Music education is always changing … especially during this past school year! We all deserve medals for showing up, staying ...
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