Teacher-Only Instructions

To embrace student-ownership in your jazz ensemble, this activity puts choosing a song in the hands of the musicians, with teacher guidance of course.

FOUR SIMPLE STEPS to Complete (about 30 minutes prep):

At any time, if you need help or a walk through? Book a PTGZoom here.

Step 1 - Register

To participate in this interactive activity you FIRST need to:

1) Establish a PlayTheGroove account at this LINK (if done and signed in, go to #2)
2) Create a unique, 5-Digit PIN at this LINK.

When both are completed, go to Step 2.

At any time, if you need help or a walk through? Book a PTGZoom here.

Step 2 - Choose Level of Challenge & Complete Activity

Choose one, pre-made playlist based on average challenge-level of the songs.

1) Medium – Level 2-3 — middle school intermediate through high school all levels (best for first time)

2) Medium Hard – Level 3-4 — adventuresome high school intermediate and advanced

Pre-listen to the songs at this link. Scroll down to:

Fully complete this activity (alone and before students):

1a) For “Medium”, click THIS LINK to Teacher and Students 3-2-1 Song Choosing Form (URL TBD), or

1b) For “Medium-Hard”, click THIS LINK to Teacher and Students 3-2-1 Song Choosing Form (URL TBD)

2) Inspect all content

3) Complete the form (your choices count too!)

4) Acquaint yourself with the process and directions to better explain to your students (your situation and class make-up is unique – you know them best)


  • PlayTheGroove is COPPA compliant. NO student information is requested. This activity can be done completely anonymously. Or, if desired, ask the students to choose a pseudonym which can be a made up name or a student ID # and shared with you. This is a way to check off who did the assignment.
  • Entries can not be changed once form is submitted.
  • Previewing results are suggested – link an anchor link to Step 4 link tbd

Step 3 - Give Students Directions

Since you have done this activity alone by this point, adjust your instructions to students as necessary. This can be discussed and demonstrated in class, or simply sent as an assignment. 

Prepare the follow for your students and send via and email, or LMS.

1) *Provide your 5-Digit Pin

2) *Provide Like to appropriate form

  • For “Medium” send
  • For “Medium-Hard” send

3) *Provide deadline date for completion – we suggest 3 to 5 days (or over a weekend)

4) Optional: Choose and alert students’ to be either anonymous or pseudonym responses.

5) Optional: Suggest this is to be done alone to allow for individual thought, although pairs or small groups are fine too if it’s truly collaborative.


Step 4 - Preview & Present Results

Preview the results at THIS LINK (NOT done yet) (initially they will be only yours).

Only the teacher has access to the results — you must:

  1. Be logged in to (see your name at the top),
  2. Have your 5-digit pin, and
  3. Have your deadline date (these THREE items are needed to bring up your results).

Self-study the graphs, charts, and text responses to choose which you want to share and emphasize with the students.

Present to class — Allow 10 minutes class time for this process:

1) Using an A/V projection or whiteboard system, access results at this LINK (tbd to Results page): URL points to Teacher’s and Students’ Results of Activity – OK to Print to PDF (test tbd)

2) Present the results openly and slowly

3) Point out how their choices have been converted to graphs and tables (cross-curricular)

4) Ask Inquiry-Based Questions to elicit discussions. Jot down some advanced questions to elicit verbal responses. “What do you think it was that made tunes X & Y more popular in this question?” “X tune didn’t get many votes, what do you think was the issue?” “I see a tie, how do we determine a single pick?” Or, “Do you want to try both?” “My number one choice was __________, what do think drove my choice?”

5) With a chosen tune, go to for parts, recordings, and guidelines… reward them for their efforts… have fun playing! 🙂

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