Ignite Student-Driven Engagement in your Jazz-Based Ensemble

Current Jazz and World Jams. Easy Process. Dynamic. Fun.

Energize Your High-School Jazz/Pep/Horn Band

PlayTheGroove handpicks fun, current jazz and world jams which is seamlessly infused into a flexible, unit-based approach that integrates sight-reading, playing by ear, and creative expression from day one.

We do this by:
• Crafting high-quality sheet music for all instruments
• Adding dynamic resources and pedagogy
• Empowering aspiring musicians and fortify teachers
• Helping to transition learning experiences into the 21st century through goal-driven innovation and technology.


Our Core Beliefs

Why PlayTheGroove

PlayTheGroove is founded on these core principles: Youth learn differently today and education needs to match their needs. We believe that dynamic, flexible, and culturally aware music education can be the gateway to build 21st century skills for successful 21st century lives.

Everyone Plays the Melody

PlayTheGroove is a new playground for discovery, growth, and musical exploration and creativity for remote, hybrid, or in-class situations.

Students Enjoy Practice

Everyone can play all the time with parts at varying skill levels, be challenged on an individual basis, and try new instruments as we include the master recording and sheet music to learn from and play-along with.

Reduces Student Dropouts

Every instrument plays beginning to end: more captivating and engaging than counting 37 bars of rests.

Engage youth in performance ensembles with music and music education methods that are relevant and accessible to them.

Music Has Cultural Substance

We hand-picked relevant music that is current and reflects society and classrooms.

Music is a gateway. There’s a lot to learn!

PlayTheGroove International Virtual Video

In March 2020, the pandemic robbed millions of young musicians and their teachers of the chance to play together in school. 

We invited international students & teachers
ages 13 to 60
to join in a PlayTheGroove Virtual Jam.

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